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MIO Easy is here with its ease of use and affordable price.


Show yourself with custom interior trim and sporty lines.


For all delivery and transportation solutions MIO Cargo is ready with its up-to 1090 L cargo space.


Environment Friendly

Being 100% electric, makes MIO produce zero carbon emission.


With its quiet electrical motor, MIO saves you from the noise of internal combustion engines.

Everyone With The Motorcyle License

MIO can be used with a motorcycle licence.

Easy To Use

With its easy to use driving modes and safe acceleration, MIO will show you a new way of transportation.

Charge With 220 V

You can charge your MIO with its integrated charging cable, just like you charge your laptop or your phone.

Full Charge in 3 Hours

You can reach the full charge of your MIO just in 3 hours from standart wall outlets.

75 Km Range

With its 5.5 kWh battery, MIO provides 75 KM range.

Ideal For Daily Usage

With its 75 KM range MIO is an ideal vehicle for daily usage. You can easily go to your work or your school, you can take it to your small trips and much more.



Powerful Motor

Regarding its class, MIO has a powerful motor that could handle ramps and inclines easily and it won’t disappoint you.

High Capacity Battery

With its 75 KM range MIO has enough battery for you to complete your day in a single charge.

Minimalist Design

With its compact and minimalist design MIO would easily overcome the obstacles of narrow places and traffic of the city.

Elevated Drive

With its elevated drive design MIO will keep the driver in the same level of other cars and will provide you a better driving experience.

Comfortable Driving

With its comfortable seats and heated driving cabine, MIO provides you a pleasant driving experience.


With its sunroof MIO allows the daylight to illuminate the interior of the vehicle and provides you a natural driving experience.

Secure Design

With its optimal design that prevents MIO to tip over, MIO is much more secure and safe than the standard 2 or 3 wheel vehicles.

Great Cargo Space

MIO is very efficient with its form factor and has great cargo space within its compact design.

MIO Cargo

MIO Cargo is an ideal vehicle for your delivery with its increased cargo space.



For more information and details you can check the MIO's catalog.

Pre-Order Now

Pre-Order now for you ideal solution for inner city transportation, MIO.